I help eCommerce Fulfillment Companies unlock their data's full potential.

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Does this sound familiar?

Your data is scattered across multiple applications.

Your team spends most of their time constantly reacting to fires.

You spend more time pulling reports than actually looking at the data.

What if...

Your data was seamlessly integrated into one central repository for your team and customers to access.

Your team was able to be proactive.

Reports were automatically refreshed and easily digestible.

Off-the-Shelf solutions won't cut it

Operational systems have reporting but don’t let you synthesize other sources to get a holistic picture.

In this industry, you need customizable solutions to fit each customer’s specific needs.

Off-the-shelf solutions lack the agility to integrate with your existing tech stack seamlessly, leading to compatibility issues and data silos.


Hi! I’m Tucker Fischer, and I’m a data analytics professional with extensive experience implementing data analytics for logistics companies (It’s my bread and butter!). In my first year as an independent consultant, I helped five companies establish data warehouses, automate over two hundred data pipelines, manage more than four hundred database tables, and streamline fifty reports in Power BI.

My clients typically come to me when they’ve outgrown their manual, Excel-based processes. I save them thousands of dollars by centralizing and automating their data processes, saving time and boosting productivity.

At the end of the day, your data should empower you to make more creative and informed decisions, not make your life harder.  If this sounds familiar, I’m here to help!