Managed Data Services

We Provide a Full Suite of Data Analytics Services So That You Can Focus on Increasing Your Businesses Bottom Line

Do you need help leveraging your data to make better and faster business decisions?

Is your data scattered across multiple applications, excel workbooks, and systems?

Do you spend more time pulling reports than actually looking at the data?

What if you could streamline and centralize your data without hiring a full time data analyst?

Managed Data Services

Gain Freedom From Manual Processes and Data Analysis

Date Warehouseing

Say goodbye to manual tasks and deciphering scattered data. We consolidate your data from multiple sources into a unified database, empowering data-driven decisions effortlessly.

Data Integration

Unlock the potential of your systems by orchestrating smooth data flows between them. Our expertly crafted pipelines ensure your systems speak the same language, fostering cohesion and efficiency.


Take tedious manual processes such as billing and reconciliation off your teams plate. Our automated pipelines ensure that mundane tasks are a thing of the past, liberating time for more impactful endeavors.

Internal Reporting

Visualize your data with clarity, enabling your internal teams to navigate complexities and steer towards informed decisions confidently.

Exception Reporting

Identify operational hiccups before they escalate. Our exception reports act as early warning signals, allowing you to address issues promptly and prevent disruptions.

Customer Reporting

Elevate your customer experience with compelling, externally-facing reports tailored to your brand. Delivering value to your clients has never been easier.

How It Works


Our experts kick off by thoroughly assessing your current situation, your future goals, and gaining access to your systems. No headaches, just a smooth transition.

Unlimited Requests

Once onboarded, you're in the driver's seat. You'll have access to a customer portal to submit as many requests as you would like. We'll work on them one at a time until you are completely satisfied.

Monthly Bill

You receive a consistent monthly bill, so you always know what to expect.

Expertise Tailored for You

Why Opt for an On-Demand Data Expert?


We are typically 40% cheaper than hiring an in-house analytics engineer.

Dedicated Support

We'll assist you in maintaining and enhancing your analytics solutions.

Consistent Results

Say goodbye to training new freelancers or employees every time you need something done.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Tailored Options for Every Stage of Your Data Analytics Journey

Data Centralization

We'll establish the infrastructure and consolidate your data into a single location.
$ 2,700
  • Data Infrastructure Setup
  • Unlimited Data Integrations to Data Warehouse
  • Unlimited Data Reporting from Data Warehouse
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Easy Credit Card Payments
  • Documentation of Each Pipeline

Data Activation

We'll set up infrastructure and animate your data with visualizations and Data Synchonization
$ 5,940
  • Everything in the Data Centralization Plan
  • Data Visualization Infrastructure Setup
  • Unlimited Data Visualization Requests
  • Unlimited Data Reporting
  • Unlimited Data Integrations between Systems

Start Leveraging Your Data

Schedule an introductory call to see if we are a good fit for your needs

We typically work on the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack which includes Azure SQL for data warehousing, Power BI for data visualization, Azure Data Factory and Azure Logic Apps for integrations. 

While each request is unique in the amount of work involved the typical delivery time is three days.

We build out your analytics solutions within your own tenant. Which means your data and infrastructure is all under your azure subscription.

Analysts are expensive and your cost as an employer can be around $10,000 a month. Not to mention with the high turnover in tech you can expect to have to backfill a position every couple of years. When you hire a managed data solutions provider you can skip the exorbitant monthly cost and not have to worry about recruiting new talent.

After 6 months of either plan you are eligible for a maintenance plan that is priced according to your needs.